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    Lowering the Cost of Steam Generation


Unattended, Reduced Cost. Revolutionary

AQUAnet™ is an automatic monitoring & chemical dosing system revolutionising the steam industry. AQUAnet™ enables you to achieve compliance with BS EN 12953-10:2003 and SAFed/CEA BG01 for unattended boiler operation, reducing the cost of steam generation.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Continuous monitoring and control
  • Correct chemical application
  • Constant system performance monitoring
  • Automatic corrective actions
  • Economic use of chemicals and water
  • Performance history
  • Improve boiler water and steam quality
  • Minimise surface blowdown
  • Reduce waste and maintenance costs
  • Save energy
  • Reduce fuel costs



Controlling the key elements of boiler feedwater

Oxygen Treatment

The correct dosing of Oxygen treatment based on actual requirements eliminates pitting due to oxygen attack, eliminates excessive chemical usage and reduces Surface Blowdown.

pH Treatment

Accurate pH and hardness control of boiler water 24 hours/day 365 days/year prevents scale and maintains efficient heat transfer

Controlling boiler pH at the lower end of the safe scale (10.5pH) reduces chemical usage and blowdown rates. Accurate pH control is a pre-requisite for accurate and stable TDS control.

Surface Blowdown (TDS) Control

Temperature compensated, conductivity measurement ensures accurate close control is achieved. Reducing blowdown water volumes, saving energy and reducing waste.

Condensate monitoring and treatment completes the Loop

Remote Monitoring

Software package enables remote monitoring and calibration, Data logging and report generation eliminates the need for daily manual water tests, form filling and archiving of results.


Snapshot Gallery of the AQUAnet™ system

Probe Sample Cabinet
Sample RH Cabinet
High Pressure Installation