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C4S-CHRM (Condensate Heat Recovery Module)

Based around the compact reliable and highly efficient Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat exchanger (PSHE) the C4S-CHRM has been designed to recover the excess heat in a pressurised condensate return line. Transferring the recovered energy into the boiler feedwater on its journey from the feedtank to the boiler.

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Steam Boiler Feedwater Treatment

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 state that:-

'The primary objective is to deal with the dangers of stored energy'. The regulations are concerned with all matters affecting the mechanical integrity of those parts of the plant which contain pressure.

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AQUAnet™ Improving Feedwater Treatment by Control

The chemistry of feedwater control is well understood and there is a raft of legislation and guidance notes spelling out minimum requirements and testing regimes but they all fall short in specifying suitable methods of controlling the application of those chemicals.

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Knowledgebase Blog- "Plate Heat Exchanger"

Ever since the first ‘Plate Heat Exchanger’ was developed to pasteurise milk, scientists, engineers and technicians have been improving and varying this apparently simple, but actually highly complex and demanding technology into a product range that utilises the ‘laws of nature’ to satisfy the world’s demand for heat transfer processes.

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Steam Boiler Feedwater "Oxygen Control"

The most common source of corrosion in boiler systems is the amount of dissolved oxygen that remains in the boiler feedwater after treatment. Oxygen scavenging chemicals normally Sodium Sulphite, is added to the stored feedwater.

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