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Seize the Moment...


Life sustaining….Boiler destroying - where would we be without it?

As a Species, defunct…as a Boiler, corrosion free.

In boiler houses we tend to treat the effect rather than tackling the cause.

Apparently, overdosing the chemical treatment is acceptable providing the boilers are fitted with TDS controls; limiting the solids content to prevent foaming and carryover.

Within our lifetime it was the boilerman’s responsibility to manually control the boiler water quality and in so doing wasted copious amounts of energy.

Seizing a market opportunity, Gestra led the way with continuous and automatic TDS control, automatic bottom blowdown and heat recovery. When Spirax entered the boiler control market in the mid to late eighties they simply followed Gestra’s lead, very successfully we might add, as they are now recognised as the UK market leader. But both company’s products only deal with the effect largely ignoring the cause.

Sodium Sulphite is the most common oxygen scavenging chemical used on land based boilers which increases the solids content raising the boiler TDS level and increasing blowdown. A relatively high blowdown rate justifies the cost of a heat recovery system to reclaim the lost heat but it does not recover the water or chemicals.

As an example take a 10,000kg/hr boiler with a 5% TDS blowdown rate on 24/7 operation 300days/annum at £2.00/m3 it equates to a loss of £7200/year just for the water going to drain without considering the cost of chemicals.

The Marine Industry couldn’t afford to rely on the effect and sought a solution.

It was Aquanet International of Newbury that supplied the answer to effectively treating the cause which in turn reduces the effect and in so doing reducing boiler failures, saving energy and money. Dealing with the cause is less expensive than treating the effect.

‘Seize the Moment’ now is the time for you to take control.


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