C4S-CHRM (Condensate Heat Recovery Module)

Based around the compact reliable and highly efficient Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat exchanger (PSHE) the C4S-CHRM has been designed to recover the excess heat in a pressurised condensate return line. Transferring the recovered energy into the boiler feedwater on its journey from the feedtank to the boiler.

The integrated PLC control system monitors and logs all the relevant operational data which is displayed on the touchscreen complete with remote transmission and communication. Feedwater flow and temperatures are continually monitored in order to quantify the amount of energy recovered and calculate the monetary savings.

C4S-RHS HeatCube

The C4S-RHS 1000, one of a range of heat exchange packages marketed under the C4S-HeatCube banner.

The C4S-RHS (reclaimed heat to steam) module is a packaged, containerised unit with the capability to produce 1000kgs/hr of dry saturated steam from 6480kgs/hr high temperature waste heat stream e.g. flue gas.

C4S - AQ300

The C4S-AQ300 is an automatic monitoring & chemical dosing system revolutionising the steam industry. C4S-AQ300 enables you to achieve compliance with BS EN 12953-10:2003 and SAFed/CEA BG01 for unattended boiler operation, reducing the cost of steam generation.


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